Signs You Are Consuming Too Much Coffee

Coffee is a popular drink among many people all over the world. Many people can’t seem to get through the day without having a cup or two. But there are also many times when coffee consumption can be a bit too much. Certain signs can accompany your overconsumption of coffee on a daily basis. Here are some to watch out for.

Frequent stomach painsĀ 

There are some compounds found in coffee that can stimulate the production of stomach acids. If you experience having bouts of stomach pains and cannot think of any other reason why, chances are that it may be because of your coffee consumption. Try to reduce your daily coffee drinking and see if that will help keep those pains away.

You have diarrhea

If you have frequent bouts of diarrhea that you can’t find the cause of, then you might want to check out your coffee consumption. Coffee has some laxative properties that might cause you to have the said condition. Drinking from two to three cups of coffee may be enough to cause diarrhea.

You experience heart palpitations

When you feel that your heart is racing, you may be having some heart palpitations. Too much caffeine from coffee may be the culprit, along with nicotine or alcohol. Heart palpitations can get serious enough to cause dizziness and even fainting spells in some people. Try to avoid having heart palpitations by reducing your daily consumption of coffee.



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