Interesting Ways To Help You Fall Asleep

Many people have a difficult time falling asleep at night. The problem seems to worsen the older you get. People try to employ different ways in order to sleep better at night. There are the usual ones, and then there are the more interesting tricks you can also try out to help you fall asleep. Here are some of them.

Breathing Tricks

People may not be aware that how they breathe can also help them fall asleep. There are certain breathing exercises that can help lull people to sleep. One easy exercise takes three steps. As you lie down on your bed, try breathing in through your nose for four seconds. Then try holding your breath for around seven seconds. Once done, try to exhale through your mouth slowly for about eight seconds. Then repeat the steps four more times. This breathing technique allows your body to become more relaxed as it full charges the lungs with air and allows more oxygen to circulate throughout the body.

Sleep Restriction Therapy

Surprising enough, you can get better sleep by trying to restrict your sleeping habits. Although that may sound weird, sleep restriction therapy can actually help you sleep better at night. It is a type of behavioral treatment for insomnia by reducing the actual time you spend in bed. This may result in sleep deprivation at the start but will eventually help people to sleep better.

This therapy involves patients making a sleep journal for one or two weeks to determine the average time slept plus 30 minutes. The patient then will try to limit the time spent in bed to that average sleep time for the next two weeks with a fixed bedtime and wake time schedule. If one feels tired during the day, the patient can add increments of 15 minutes to the average sleep time until the patient feels well rested when waking up. This therapy takes some level of dedication since results can be seen after several weeks. But eventually, it will lead into a more efficient sleep pattern for those who try it

Use A Heavy Blanket

Getting inside a weighted blanket when you sleep can actually be helpful. The heavy blanket can mimic the security and comfort a baby feels while in the womb. It is a subconscious feeling that adults can still relate to. The heavy blanket somehow simulates touches on certain points of the body. It causes the brain to release serotonin, a type of hormone that regulates sleep.



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