Hygiene Practices That Don’t Actually Work

Because of the current Covid-19 pandemic, more and more people are thinking a lot more about their hygiene, especially in the area of germ contamination prevention. People are becoming more aware of the things they touch for fear of getting germs. Some have even relied on so-called common hygiene practices as part of their new habits. But there are some of these common practices that may not be effective. Here are just some of them.

The Five-Second Rule

A lot of people believe that food and objects are still safe and sanitary as long as you follow the five-second rule. Germs will not contaminate things that fall into the floor as long as you pick it up before they stay there for five seconds or longer. This common rule is practically useless. It does not matter how long an object stays on the floor since germs and harmful pathogens can contaminate it in as short as a second. The longer they stay there, the more germs they may acquire. You can either throw them away or wash them with soap before using them to avoid contamination.

Cleaning Surfaces With Antibacterial Wipes

Some people consider using antibacterial wipes in cleaning up different surfaces at home. But it can only be effective if people use the wipes and dispose them immediately. Others using the same wipes in cleaning off different surfaces may end up actually spreading germs and harmful pathogens once the antibacterial properties of the wipes wear off. In this case, it may be useless habitually using wipes for sanitizing different dirty surfaces at home.

Wearing Gloves Indoors

Some people consider wearing gloves while at home to avoid contact with germs. Most usually prefer using fabric gloves indoors when opening door knobs, carrying objects and holding grimy items. It may not be as hygienic or protect you from the germs. Fabric gloves are more likely to be absorbent and may carry germs. When you pull them off and wear them again, you run the risk of getting the germs on your bare hands.



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