Stress and Weight Gain

Stress is one of the more common health issues that people should deal with regularly. The ill effects of stress can cover different parts of the body. Probably the most important and worrying effects of stress among people is how it makes them gain more weight easily.

How It Happens?

Stress can be directly connected to weight gain. Many people under stress also experience gaining some weight in the process. There are several reasons why this happens. Knowing them would help you eventually understand what puts up the pounds and help you try to keep them off.

The Stress Hormone

One of the reasons why stress is usually followed by weight gains is due to the so-called stress hormone. Cortisol, as it is otherwise called, is being produced by the body along with other hormones if it is under certain periods of stress. These hormones in the ancient past are usually quite useful since they help the body become more alert and ready to fight off any danger.

But these biochemicals such as cortisol also have certain after effects. Although they initially cause one’s appetite to decrease, they eventually increase one’s desire to eat after things have calmed down, as an effect of having the body put into "battle mode" for a certain amount of time.

This effect would not have mattered if the energy expended during times of stress would be equal to the level of desire for food that ensues. But most of the stress common today usually comes in the form of emotional and mental stress which does not require a lot of physical activity.

Although the type of stressful situations for humans have changed over the years, the biochemicals that the body produces during such periods of stress somehow remain the same. This leads the body to still have the desire to eat, which will eventually lead to excess energy stored in the body as fat. This then leads to the unwanted weight gain due to stress.


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