What’s Causing Your Body Odor

Body odor is the term used to refer to that unpleasant smell that the body naturally emits. It is primarily caused as a result of bacteria in the skin breaking down the acids found in sweat. It can be a very serious problem for most people. It can be bad breath or it can be from any other area of the body. There can be many reasons for it, with most of them quite easily preventable. Here are some of the more common reasons of body odor and how you might be able to avoid it.

Reason 1: You are stressed out regularly

Being stressed out can be a cause of your body odor. When a person goes under high levels of stress, body heat usually increases, causing the body to sweat more to avoid overheating. The moisture can become a possible breeding ground for bacteria. They react with the acid in sweat that releases compounds causing body odor. You can try using deodorants in those areas that sweat more. You can also try to get rid of the stress, which is a more effective option. Drinking tea like sage, peppermint, and chamomile might also do the trick since they contain compounds that help calm your nerves as well as reduce your overall perspiration.

Reason 2: A high protein, low-carbohydrate diet

One cause of body odor that many people may not be aware of is having a diet plan consisting of high protein and low carbohydrate meals. The body primarily burns carbohydrates for energy to keep it functioning. Lack of enough carbohydrates can trigger the body to convert to burning fats as the primary source for energy. As a result, the body releases byproduct compounds called ketones into the bloodstream which can cause your breath to smell funky. To avoid this, you might consider adding more carbs into your diet. Instead of avoiding carbohydrates for weight loss, you can consider counting on calorie intake to continue maintaining your weight.

Reason 3: Not drying off after showering

Taking a shower helps you feel more refreshed. But if you don’t towel off afterwards, it won’t usually last long. Not toweling off after a shower can get moisture trapped into the folds of your skin. Those areas then become potential breeding grounds for odor-causing bacteria and fungi all through the day. Combined with sweat, the bacteria and fungi can easily cause odor and irritation. All these can easily be prevented by a thorough drying off after a shower.



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