Ways to Increase Your Creativity

woman smileCreativity is an unexplained force that brings out great ideas from our minds. It reveals new ways of seeing the world and the courage to do things in a different light. Harnessing your creative talents will help you in the most unexpectedly wonderful ways. Finding time each day to feed this energy will not only reward you with increased creativity, but also an expanded sense of appreciation and gratitude for the creative process. Here are some suggestions that you can use.

Keep a Journal – Joy the meandering thoughts of your mind by writing it down on a daily journal. With it, you can write, draw, doodle, or even paste collages together. Your mind contains random thoughts, mental notes, and tedious observations. The journal would help you deposit these thoughts and keeping your creative mind clear of clutter.

Build a sacred space – Look for a place in your home that you can put inspiring, motivating, and spiritually significant objects on it. Put things that awe and inspire you, such as projects you are most proud of, photos of people who support and encourage you to excel.

Take time to reflect – Reflection can be a minute of appreciating someone or something, or it can be a day or meditation and writing. Find ways of incorporating reflection into your daily routine. Note how experiences and interactions help you grow as a creative person. This surveys what inspires you or what blocks you, what attracts you and what doesn’t.

Get away from the madness – Find some time to sneak away from your stressful schedule and enjoy a creative pleasure. It can either be an hour drifting through a craft store, window shopping, a nature hike or a visit to a special place. If you have children and can’t just leave them, take them along with you.

Do one thing that is crazy – There probably are some things that you’ve always dreamed of doing but didn’t because of insecurity, fear, or intimidation. Why not try it at least once? Try bungee jumping, learn to belly-dance, or even try to eat out alone, as long as it positively benefits your creative process.

Bring out your inner child – Children have an amazing ability to be open to infinite possibilities. Give yourself some playtime to see the world through the eyes of a child. It can be as simple as sitting on the floor and looking at a room from a new angle, or giving your self permission to laugh.

Turn your ideas into action – Dreaming of creative things is different from making them happen. Look at all the wonderful ideas you have and pick one to act upon. Commit yourself to do at least one daily deed to support this idea.


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