Symptoms That May Lead Early Death


Your life expectancy may depend on a number of factors. There are some factors that you cannot change such as your genes. But there are other things that you can actually do something about. There are signs that can lead you to an early death. Finding them out early can help you address them before they get worse. Here are just some of them.

Swollen And Inflamed Joints

Inflammation in the body is a result of cells trying to respond and repair damaged tissue. Chronic inflammation can also indicate that certain cells in the body might be dying. The inflammatory response itself can also result in tissue damage and can lead to a number of life-threatening diseases. Chronic inflammation can lead to an early mortality if not treated.

Getting Out Of Breath Easily

Research indicates that the results of physical activity can predict mortality more than a person’s family history. If you get out of breath easily when doing a physical activity such as running can predict early mortality. Looking at a person’s heart rate while running on a treadmill is a more accurate in predicting death compared to looking at their family history.

Chronic Bad Breath

While it may be common for people to have bad breath, there are times when it may indicate that a person may experience early mortality. If it cannot be attributed to the food a person eats or bad dental hygiene, chronic bad breath may indicate a serious medical condition such as cancer or other infections. When you suffer from lingering bad breath, it is wise to have a dental check up to see if it is something a dentist can address or may need other medical treatment.


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