Relaxation: The Secret To Staying Slim

Stress can cause you to eat “comfort” foods which are not exactly the healthiest things to consume.

The current state of the economy certainly contributed to – if not totally caused – this stress.

Not surprisingly, comfort foods are often cheaper than healthy foods. Even restaurants know this, and they’ve made revisions to their carte du jour.

According to nutrition experts our bodies direct us to sweet and fatty foods when (chronically) stressed. Stress can also cause or are linked to a number of health problems including raised blood sugar levels, weaker immune system, depression, heart disease, and obesity.

That said, below are a few things you do to relax and calm down:

Simplify your life

Find ways to simply everything in your life, from paying bills to running errands. Buy less stuff – Less stuff less clutter. Save time for really important commitments. Simplify your living space.


According to‘s weight-loss editor, Shaun Chavis, Relaxing is different from de-stressing. De-stressing is when you “…go into a spa and relax for an hour, then get dressed and go back to your stressed life.” However, “making rituals of practices like yoga, tai chi, or meditation can work some valuable relaxation into your life.”

Have fun

Being a grown up doesn’t mean you don’t get to have fun anymore. Make time for play especially during these difficult times.

Look for “healthier comfort foods”

There are healthier alternatives to sweets and fatty foods. Shaun Chavis recommends dessert teas, low-calorie hot drinks or vitamin packed produce. Vitamin C keeps stress hormones down.


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