Healthy Eating Away From Home

healthy snacksTraveling sometimes causes us to neglect our health–and we have to eat to stay healthy. When travel it is best that we stay on a low-carb diet. Your way of living, your work included, can alter it. This might result in craving for food, which is something you do not want to happen.

It is best that we plan and what to eat when traveling. Here are tips that may help you with your low-carb diet plan:

Creating your own strategy

In the most gradual way possible, raise your carb intake in which you can achieve Carbohydrate Equilibrium, or that you gain weight but do not lose it at the same time. You have to know your limits when it comes to adding up your carbohydrate intake. While on vacation, learn when to eat carb meals, but do not apply it on daily habit.

Eating away from home

Go for vegetables devoid of starch and protein-rich foods. Know how to say no to relatives who are quite pushy when it comes to serving you food. This will truly help you reduce your carb intake.

Bringing your travel food

When on a car trip, bring raw veggies with dips low on carbs as well as cheeses and meat, salads in containers and hard-boiled eggs. During flights, go for their salad meals. Also, it is best take some with you while in the plane as well.

Emergency kit packed with low-carb diet

It is recommended that you bring along a food emergency kit with protein bars, snack sausages, soy nuts, nuts and seeds, celery, wax-coated cheese, and flax seeds which can become a meal if added to yogurt or cottage cheese.

Since you are on a diet, do not forget to have a great time as well. Remember, eating low-carb foods should be as enjoyable just like traveling.

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