Emotional and Social Components of Weight Loss

Hunger is not only reason we eat.

Eating and emotions

Sometimes when we are angry, depressed, or stressed, we turn to food for "comfort".

Eating and social gatherings

Food is also a big part of our social life. Social gatherings are not complete without food.

Eating and your family’s attitude

Food is also a huge part of out upbringing. Remember how your parents used to tell you to "clean your plate" because you are fortunate to have something to eat while there are kids starving in other parts of the world? Also, how the people around you eat, influences your behavior towards food.

All of these factors affect your weight loss endeavors. So what can you do?

Consider how and when you eat

Helpguide.com suggests thinking about how you eat. Do you only eat when you are hungry, or do you always reach for a snack when reading or watching TV?

Do you eat (more) when you are stressed, depressed, or bored?

Get enough sleep

The relationship may not be evident at first, but it has been shown that not getting enough sleep is directly associated with hunger and overeating. Perhaps it is because our bodies are looking for energy that should have been "filled" by a good night’s sleep.

Identify your weight loss challenges. Once you recognize your own weight loss hurdles, it is easier to make changes to you lifestyle, and eating habits, and mental attitudes (towards food) that ruined your past weight loss efforts.

Source: Helpguide.com


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