Dealing With Stress

stressed womanDealing with stress usually requires changes in the way you think. For people under too much stress, having a positive attitude works well in handling very difficult and trying situations and crisis. Along this line, using positive affirmations would likely boost up one’s ability to handle and deal with stress.

Using positive affirmation is a good way to try and change a negative thinking mind into a positive one. Positive affirmation can be more simply explained as such- every word that a person speaks and every thought is an affirmation. What a person thinks and says brings along a stream of affirmation that conditions the mind and one’s way of thinking and acting. By carefully rethinking every word and thought into positive ones, a person can try to influence his or her mindset to one that is positive.

Positive affirmations actually consist of personal self-talk and dialogue. Simply making positive statements can be a way to influence one’s own thinking and life. Then trying to repeat them over and over again as positive affirmations will eventually seep into a person’s mindset and determine how he or she would react to certain circumstances. Continuous use of positive affirmations will slowly erode even the hardest of resistance to change the way a person thinks and acts. Its success requires the proper conviction and motivation from the person.

Different people require different positive affirmations in their lives. This would depend on what their own intentions are. In order to develop a certain positive affirmation to live by, you should try to look upon what you intend to achieve or create in your life. In order to do this, you might need to look into the end result and the things that you wish to develop along the way. It may require looking into what you think is important in your life and what you think would be your most ideal circumstance. This would help you find something to work on for making a positive affirmation.

Once you have an idea of what you wish to strive for, then you can try to formulate a statement that would help you condition your mind to reach what you aim for. It can be a single or a few statements that would reflect the kind of reality that you wish to create. Try to make the statements as if they are already true and happening in the present. The reason for this is that you are trying to reprogram your subconscious mind to believe in your positive statements.

Once you have formulated these statements, try to use them on yourself on a regular basis. This would require repeating the statements over and over again on a regular basis. This is probably the most effective way of harnessing the power of positive affirmation. Whether you do it mentally or vocally, repeating them when you wake up in the morning, when you go to work or when you retire to sleep at the end of the day will help program your mind into believing and eventually develop a change into your way of thinking as well as your life.

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