Virtual Makeover Tools

Do you wish you want a new look but you’re afraid that the stylist would do a horrible job? Worry no more, because there are several makeover tools on the Internet wherein you could create your own new look that you can present to your hairdresser once you step in the salon.

Here are some of the popular instant makeover tools that we have tested. Virtual Makeover – This site has one of the widest selection of celebrity hairstyles to choose from. It also has the widest array of hair color and make-up options. We also love that it has a nail color selection.

The makeover is available for both female and male, although there isn’t much to do on the men’s demo version since most of the looks are locked.

Registering to the site unlocks more hairstyle, make-up, and even jewelry options, as well as having your own photo uploaded. Instant Makeover – You need to register to utilize this makeover tool (which requires a username not exceeding 10 characters). The big problem that we encounter while trying out this site is that the default model face is slanted.

This brings several hassles of moving the hair piece, and then you will realize that other options like eyeshadow and lipstick would fall on the wrong places and you can’t move them (only the hair is movable).

Hairstyle options are limited, although it has a decent selection of celebrity styles. Makeover-O-Matic – This makeover tool definitely tops our list. You don’t need to register to use the feature and you can get to choose a default model according to your age and skin tone.

Although celebrity hairstyles are limited, you can get to put any of the featured hairstyles used in Bravo’s "Sheer Genius" as well as several glamorous hairstyles if you are planning on attending a formal event. We love how simple it is to use the site.

No need to drag the hairpiece as everything is placed correctly in just one click. You can also include putting on sunglasses and even headwear. Registering to the site would give you the option to save your finished look in order to print it.


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