Thinner Shape Without Dieting

Looking thin without dieting can be possible. Although a proper diet and regular exercise still proves to be the most effective method, choosing the right clothes to wear can give you that leaner and thinner look in an instant. The right clothes can help you either hide those extra baggage for a while and be able to give you that temporary relief from not being able to look good in a fashionable sense.

Wear Monochrome

Wearing clothes of one color from head to toe is the simplest fashion trick that can help people have that leaner look. Wearing two colors can break the body into half. Lighter colors for bottoms can make you look bottom heavy. Darker colors can help create that longer and leaner look. That is why black is the color of choice for wearing clothes in just a single color, although other dark colors may also do well.

Mixing Colors

If you do have to wear an outfit with two different colors, knowing how to mix them well will provide that illusion of a leaner look. You may either do it by mixing two shades of the same color which can still give that magic of the “Vertical Line” that can make you look long and leaner. For a mix of two different colors, you can do so by using darker colors. You can use subtle brown shades with charcoal gray, dark green or black and mix them up to your liking. But remember, the trick here is not to interrupt the flow of the outfit from toe to toe.

Other Tips

When wearing jackets, try to chose long line and single breasted jackets designed with hidden pockets, try to avoid accentuating your outfit by avoiding belts and bulky pockets that can easily draw a person’s attention to your midriff. When wearing skirts, choose the ones that are longer than they are wide. If you are bottom heavy, try to avoid using pleated skirts since that certainly add pounds to your shape.


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