Makeup for Brown Skin

brown skin makeupAs with any skin color, the best shades of make-up to use for brown skin are those that complement the skin tone.

The best colors for brown skin range from pale beige to rich brown.

Foundation and powder compact

For foundation and powder compacts, choose one according to your color. If your exact shade is unavailable, choose a shade that is closest to the color of your neck. Add a little distilled water so it will be more translucent.

Dark circles under the eyes

For the dark circles under your eyes, use a foundation that is a shade lighter than what you’ll apply to the rest of your face. This is to make the dark circles appear lighter.

Eye shadow

Choose a soft eye shadow in brown for your eyes. Blend soft brown eye shadow with soft brick brown at the upper brow bone. Use a soft brown eye shadow for the lower lashes to complete the effect.


Use a brown mascara on dark color for a beautiful effect. Line the rim of your eyes with black eye pencil of liquid liner to really make your eyes pop. For an even more stunning effect, use your eye pencil or liquid liner to create a winged doe-eye effect.


For your lips, use darker shades such as maroon, as they look great on dark skin.


For your cheeks, maroon and brown work well with dark skin, as well.

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