Instant Makeover Guidelines

It cost to be beautiful. Money and time are the two must haves for women in every walk of life to look fabulous among the fabulous. Nevertheless, it is time among the two that is the major concern of most. Straightening the hair, waxing, choosing the right outfit, putting on makeup will cost a woman a lot of time just to look perfect.

"I usually have 15 minutes, tops, to get Beyoncé out the door. That means I have to streamline my technique and do everything on the fly." says the Filipina professional makeup artist Mally Roncal at the cosmopolitan magazine.

Face it. It is hard to have good looks within fifteen minutes for someone who does not have their own makeup artist, hairstylist, wardrobe mistress and others. In fact, there are more working girls compare to the socialite women who can afford such luxuries. Nonetheless, looking good within a short period of time especially in the morning must not be such a big problem. There are in fact ways so to look fabulous faster.

Speeding up with the Lashes

Always work on the mascara application first. It will be easier to wipe the liquid away from your skin without ruining the rest of your made up face. Brush your lashes from the roots before pulling it upward. After doing so, hit the tip of the lashes to make your lashes a little bit much longer.

In Getting the Flawless Face

Applying foundation and concealer may take time for most women. To solve this problem, it would be wise to buy products that may serve both as a foundation and concealer. The cream types of products are easier to use since it will only require the fingers to apply it on the face.

Zit 101

Whenever there is a zit problem the best solution to take it off is to freeze it dry. Dab a right amount of toner on the zit to dry the excess oil. After doing so, damp it with an ice cube wrapped in a tissue for a minute or two. Never leave the ice cube too long on the zit however, for it might turn into red.

Instant Blush

Having some blush on will put more life and drama to the face. Liquid Blush on with pink shimmer is always advisable for people on the go. This type of blush is not hard to apply as you will be using your fingers to spread the liquid tint on the face.

Resort to Ponytails

The hair do takes most of the time unless the woman has a short hair. When the time comes that straightening and or curling your hair may hamper the promotion that you are running after or the time per se, resort into using a ponytail. Tie your hair up to create a royal classic look.

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