Indian Beauty Treatment

indian beauty treatmentThere are many health and beauty treatments that we enjoy in spas and salons without really knowing where these originated. We probably don’t give it an afterthought. But wouldn’t it be nice to find out where these treatments came from?

Basically, most of the health and beauty treatments that are popular today came from India. From threading and aromatherapy facials to sugar body scrubs and yoga, all of these treatments were inspired by Indo-Aryan culture.

Below is a list of the health and beauty treatments that originated from this rich and fabled land:


Threading is a method of facial hair removal which involves the spinning of a fine thread in the fingers of an aesthetician in order to remove unwanted hair. This treatment has been practiced in India for over a hundred years already. Threading enables the aesthetician to get every hair from the root. Plus, this method is faster and less painful compared to other hair removal alternatives.

Aromatherapy facials

The use of essential aromatic oils is a traditional Indian way of hydrating and exfoliating your skin. It has been practiced in India for centuries.

Body scrubs

Body scrubs, or the use of salts to exfoliate the body, also took its roots from India.


Massages also originated from India. It is currently a big business in the United States as well as in other countries. It is known to have actual medical benefits like relief from postpartum depression.


Yoga started in India as a science that would help people communicate at a higher level. Millions of Americans are doing yoga exercises to date.


Tantra is a means of achieving sexual healing. It is basically defined as the total surrender of all mental, emotional and cultural conditions. It is closely tied to yoga and has been attested to as very effective.

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