Beauty Products That May Irritate Your Skin

Society has dictated the norm and we are all bound to follow. As such, it goes without saying that the use of beauty product irritationbeauty products is fairly common to most women. Women use beauty products that often yield good results for them, but after some time, some of these products may cause skin problems after several uses or after years of use with no problems.

Before we encounter skin problems caused by beauty products, let us first look at the two major categories of skin reactions to beauty products:

(1) Irritant Contact
(2) Allergic Contact Dermatitis

The first one is the most common skin reaction to a beauty product. It is characterized by stinging, itching, burning, and redness to the area where the product was applied.

On the other hand, the second reaction pertains to a true allergy to an ingredient used in the beauty product. The most frequent causes of this skin reaction are fragrances and preservatives.

More often than not, the beauty products that are most likely to cause skin reactions include bath soaps, detergents, hair dyes, antiperspirants, eye makeup, moisturizers, shampoos, nail polish and fingernail glue. In some people, Retin-A wrinkle creams and serums can also cause irritant contact dermatitis.

In cases when negative skin reactions to beauty products are evident, dermatologists suggest that the consumers should immediately stop using the beauty product. In more severe cases, the advice from skin experts is to see a dermatologist to resolve the problems immediately.

However, it is best to prevent skin reactions to beauty products before they even start. This can be done by choosing beauty products that have the fewest ingredients because it will reduce the chance for cross-reactions due to multiple exposures. Also, try to avoid beauty products for the skin which have no fragrance.

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