Diet Additions To Lower Blood Pressure

When you are suffering from high blood pressure, then you may be more at risk of developing more serious heart condition over time. If not controlled, elevated blood pressure levels can lead to heart attacks, stroke, heart failure and other related conditions. Prevent these conditions from becoming a problem by managing your blood pressure levels better.  Here are  some interesting additions to your daily diet that may help lower your blood pressure.

Green Tea

Drinking green tea can also help lower your blood pressure. Studies show that drinking 5 to 6 cups of green tea can lower systolic blood pressure. Aside from that, green tea has also been known relax the blood vessels as well as contain compounds that can lower LDL cholesterol levels.


Flaxseed can help in lowering your systolic blood pressure. The seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce inflammation that can cause damage to blood vessels. An average of four tablespoons daily does the trick. Try adding them into your oatmeal breakfast or sprinkling them into soups or salads.

Dried Apricots

Adding dried apricots to your daily diet can also have a beneficial effect on your blood pressure levels. One serving of dried apricots can provide more than a third of your body’s potassium needs. This mineral helps relax the blood vessel walls that can lower your blood pressure.



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