What You Need To Know About Your Tummy

woman tummyMedical experts believe that we know very little about our stomachs. According to them , this is why most people find it hard to solve tummy problems. The popular misconceptions about our stomachs are so many and so common, too, that we are led to believe that these misconceptions are actually true.

Here are some of the misconstrued beliefs that we have about our stomachs:

The first food you eat is the first to be digested

Foods are not digested in the order that they are eaten. The food that we consume stay together in our tummies until it is ready to be released in our small intestines. That is how digestion takes place.

Diet can deflate your stomach

Stepping into adulthood means some of the parts of your body has reached its ultimate size and so it cannot grow anymore. The stomach is among these body parts. Cutting down on your food intake will not shrink your stomach, but it can alter the patterns of your appetite so you won’t feel hungry even when you’re eating les than you usually do.

The thinner you are, the smaller your stomach is

The size of our stomach is pretty much the same, whether you’re thin or fat. The only reason why the stomach of fat people appears larger is because it is surrounded by layers of fat. If you want to lose a few inches off your tummy area, proper diet and exercise can decrease the fats around it.

Our stomachs play a vital role in our health and well-being so its best to take good care of it. We can start doing this by keeping ourselves informed about the facts concerning our stomachs, as well as by dispelling the misconceptions about it.


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