Weight Loss Journal Helps You to Lose Weight

Keeping a weight loss journal can be one of the ways that you can use to lose weight. A weight journal is simply a record of the progress that you go through as you follow a certain weight loss program. With a weight loss journal, you are not merely recording how much you have lost in terms of pounds but also other information related to the weight loss program.

A weight loss journal includes other information such as the food that you are eating daily. It is important that the food items are recorded accurately in order to keep track of whether the weight loss program is working effectively. The amount of exercise that you get daily also is recorded into the wiehgt loss journal. This would help provide a record of the activity that you go through along with your diet program.

And of course as part of the weight loss journal, information of the progress of your weight loss is important, you need to record your weight in a weekly basis in order to see a difference in the weekly results, whether positive or negative. Additional useful information that you can record into your journal includes the measurements of your arms, waist, bust, hip and thighs.

A weight loss journal can be a helpful piece of document since it can help you track your calorie intake instead of guessing. When you record the type of food items that you eat everyday, you have a basis for calculating the amount of calories that you take day by day. You can then total up your calories for the week and see for yourself what calorie-intake works for you that would aid you in weight loss.

A weight loss journal can also help you plan a proper exercise strategy. When you record on your journal the activities that you do regularly and it doesn’t seem to help you lose weight effectively, then you may be able to formulate or modify your exercise regimen that would further aid you in your weight loss. If in the previous week you averaged walking 2 miles per day, you can try to increase the activity by walking an extra mile.

By having a record of your activity as well as how much you have lost in your weight loss journal, you can clearly see what effect the increased activity has on your weight reduction. You no longer have to guess, you can see the results in your journal. It helps you to monitor improvements in your shape. This is very important as an extra motivator, especially if one week you don’t lose weight.


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