Weight Gain While Quitting Smoking

So you have decided to quit smoking. You have come to realize that continued smoking increases your risk of getting the dreaded lung cancer and other smoking-related diseases. Your "Operation: Quit Smoking" program will start in few days and you are looking forward to a cleaner and healthier living. That is just commendable. Bravo, but one thing is bothering you: weight gain. Although a small weight gain when you quit smoking is normal, excessive weight gain can introduce you to new health problems. Don’t worry; this article will give you information how to manage your weight while recovering from nicotine addiction.

The smoking-weight link

Consider this: A heavy smoker burns up to 200 calories everyday by smoking; metabolism is slightly increased because of this burning of calories; and nicotine suppresses your appetite. The absence of nicotine in your system will initially shock your body. One of the side effects for most people is increased appetite, since there is no nicotine to suppress the appetite.

In addition, many people turn to foods as substitute for cigarettes. You’re likely to gain about 5-10 pounds during the first few months after you quit smoking. This is normal. You can easily burn unwanted fats with a daily 30-minute brisk walking.

Keeping weight under control

One way to minimize your weight gain is exercise. Quitting smoking will slow down your metabolism, albeit slightly. Just the same, everyday exercise is important. You need at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. It doesn’t need to be an intense workout, a brisk walk will do. Exercise can also beat your cravings to smoke. Having a very bad day? Go for a walk. It will improve your attitude and relax your mind.

Have healthy snacks available at all times, in case you crave for cigarettes. Here are some snacks that will help you keep weight under control: vegetable sticks such as celery and carrot, sunflower seeds in the shell, fresh fruit, herbal teas, frozen grapes, 94% fat free popcorn, fat free yogurt and hot cocoa with nonfat milk. Drink also lots of water.

If you’re really concerned about gaining weight, remove high fat foods such as chocolate cake from your home. If you’re intensely craving for one, it is much better to have one at a restaurant than keep it in the house. First, it contains empty calories. Second, it can trigger smoking. Many people feel that smoking goes with drinking lika a foot in a shoe.

Other tips

Take one step at a time. Don’t rush. Achieving a healthy lifestyle takes time. It is great to quit smoking and at the same time to clean other areas of their lives. But be very careful. If you attempt to achieve too many goals at once you will have the risk of not succeeding at all of them.

Be very good to yourself. You need to reward yourself for jobs well done and your progress regarding your goal to be nicotine-independent. Be patient. You can’t achieve all your goals overnight. Give yourself enough time to recover. Finally, you have to accept yourself.


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