Staying on Your Diet During the Holidays

Here comes some free advice, and I suggest everyone practices this on a consistent basis.  The first thing to do is to be self conscious of what we put in our bodies. 

How to do that is to take about 3 to 5 minutes out of each day, every time we eat and educate ourselves on the way our foods are made and processed.  Unfortunately we did not come into this earth with any owners manual.  5 minutes per day for a month is 150 minutes per month of education. 

Most foods out there are not good for us and for the most we know which ones they are.  Processed, canned, and boxed foods are low in nutrition and high in fat. 

Just because it reads on the label "Fat FREE" does not mean that.  Just look at foods with this label and them look at the fine print and see that most of these foods are high in hydrogenated oils.  This is nothing more then TFA (Trans Fatty Acids). 

If the grocery bill is normally $100.00 per week make a budget for the junk foods.  This should be about 5% to 10%, so no more then $10.00 per week. 

Before going to the grocery store eat a meal or a good snack to satisfy your hunger and make sure to drink plenty of fluids, preferably something with natural sugars.  This way we don’t have the cravings and start buying things on impulse that are not needed and this could save us on the pocket. 

Try to make an effort to look at labels on packages and find out the calorie count, sugar count and also educate the mind on the fine print of foods. 

If you look at the fat content of the packaging look for Trans fats, hydrogenated oils and saturated fats.  Regular fats are needed for your body to function and so is cholesterol.  There are so many things you can do to avoid the pit falls of out society. 

Like take cash and leave the credit cards at home when buying food that way you don’t over spend and you get just what you need.  If you go over the budget put some snacks back.  It’s easier said then done but if one never starts their will never be a change in bad habits. 


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