My Weight Loss Coach

my weight loss coach
Nintendo has given us computer games that promote physical activity. We had the very successful Wii and its exercise-oriented Wii Fit, and just last summer of 2008 Nintendo introduced weight management through its handheld video gaming console Nintendo DS.

The gist

My Weight Loss Coach serves as an electronic motivator, providing you with tools and support you need in order you remain focused during your weight loss. Your purchase of the game comes with a dedicated pedometer, which you attach and sync with the Nintendo DS to track how many steps you take during the day (health experts recommend to take at least 10,000 steps a day). The game also records and tracks your Body Mass Index, total weight lost, and even how far you have moved.

Dieting with My Weight Loss Coach comes in the form of recording what you have eaten and it will keep track of these as well as add them together to get your daily total calories. You also get some useful tips from the game’s resident nutritionist or personal trainer as you gain experience level and personal goals.

The video game alone costs around US$39.99, but you need to play it with a Nintendo DS that costs around US$129.99.


Although My Weight Loss Coach does not directly "make" you lose weight, it can pretty much give you enough motivation and support to "help" you lose weight.

Being in a handheld gaming console makes My Weight Loss Coach a very convenient weight loss tool, and even less expensive compared to gym membership.


The game does not provide you with lifelong habits or even guidance on what to eat.

Another setback for this game is that, being an entertaining video game, players would still be bummed on their couches while playing My Weight Loss Coach.

They would simply try to create a fit avatar and not convert it into motivation to create fitter selves.


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