Metabolism Myths: Exercise Decreases Appetite

You’re on a new weight loss program, and you’ve restricted your calorie intake to drastic levels. You try to ignore your hunger pangs, even though you’re feeling rather faint for lack of food. Everyone keeps telling you that your reduced food intake won’t matter since exercise curbs appetite.

Not so says Dr. Mark Dedomenico. A lot of exercisers do not make up for the energy they use up during exercise. According to some studies, people will “out-eat” their exercise because they think that since they exercised today, they can eat anything. Dr. Dedomenico says you can always out-eat  the calories you burned during exercise. He cites this example to put this in perspective: to expend 220 calories from a large cookie, you would have to wash car for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Exercise does not reduce your appetite. Rather, it only increases it. Actually, this is just an “artificial” increase, a psychological effect that results from what Dr. Dedomenico calls the “since and therefore” syndrome: Snce I exercised, I can eat anything. Exercise gets you more fit and conditioned. It also stabilizes your LDL and HDL levels. But, it will not reduce your appetite. It may help keep you from eating though, sine you’ll be too busy to eat while exercising.

Source: MSN Health


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