Keeping Your Diet on Track During the Holidays

In the best and hectic times of the holidays sometimes we forget what we need to do for ourselves. I know the holidays are all about thinking of others and taking time to be appreciative of everything we have. 

But if we don’t take care of ourselves how are we going to help anyone. The number one person in our lives needs to be us so we can be around to give and appreciate. In the mix of the holidays most people don’t think of how we treat our bodies and we pay the price over time.

Let’s paint this picture vivid in everyone’s mind with an individual that weighs 150 lbs. (pounds). Just think of this, if you gain a quarter of a pound for every holiday of the year that you celebrate and most people celebrate about 6 to 8 holidays a year (Christmas, New Year, birthdays for everyone in the family, Easter, 4th of July, supper Bowl, and so on) that is an average of about 2 lbs. a year. And if you celebrate more and go to parties double this number. Do that for 10 years that makes 20 lbs. over time. Now that is just weight. 

Now let’s think about this. For every year someone does not exercise or eat the proper foods that make up muscle mass you loose about half to a full pound of muscle and bone mass. Do that for the same amount of years (10) and 10 lbs of muscle and bone that have been lost. 

We as individuals like to tell ourselves that what we can just keep doing this and we will be okay. Society has found it to be expectable so we look the other way. I know because I have people come to me all the time when it has gotten out of hand and they are at an obese level. 

Okay now lets put these two numbers together. So this individual weighs 150 lbs. If they are at 20% BMI that means that without any fat they would weigh 120 lbs. if they lost 10 lbs. of muscle and bone mass that brings them down to 110 lbs. Overall if they gained 20 lbs. that would take his or her weight to 170 pounds. 

That means that they have about 60 lbs. of body fat. In this illustration 60 out of 170 is about 35 to 36% BMI. This person is not considered obese and their chance of survival just decreased by over 50% from all the complications and drugs that doctors will recommend to them. 

If someone continues like this for 20 years most likely they won’t make it. All the drugs in the world won’t help and actually most likely kill you and the only thing that needs to be done is just a lifestyle change. So what do we do? 


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