Keeping a Food Diary

food diaryKeeping a food diary may be a good way for you to take stock of what you are eating and assess what you can do in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you have been having difficulties honing down on what problems you may have with your diet, a food diary may help give you a clear and proper perspective. Keeping a food diary will help you keep a closer look at what you eat and how you might be able to keep it under control.

Food Diary Information

The food diary should contain a record of food that you eat at each meal. It should contain the amount of a particular food item of your meal. You can estimate its size, volume or weight as well as the number of items eaten.

The food diary should also contain information about the kind of food that you ate as well as at what time that you have eaten it. Everything should be written down including the sauces as well as the gravies used on your food. Other pertinent information that may prove useful for your food diary is also keeping track at what places you have eaten the food.

In your food diary, you should also indicate if you ate at home, in the restaurant, inside your car or at the office at certain meals during the day. You should also include whether you ate alone, with a friend or with a group. Try to list down also the activities that you might be doing while eating your meals- reading a book, watching TV, working, etc. it is also good to list down what your current mood is when you are eating.

Helpful Tips

When you are doing your food diary, it is important that you do not try to change your eating habits. Initial entries should be just like what you have been eating normally as before. This will help provide you as well as your family doctor with insights into what your typical diet and eating lifestyle is like. It would be able to show the reasons behind why you might not be able to maintain a healthy weight before.

Be Honest

When making a food diary, it is important that you keep everything as truthful as possible. If you find yourself overeating at one time, don’t feel guilty enough that you try to miss out listing some of the food items that you have eaten. Doing so would just be defeating the purpose why you have started a food diary in the first place. By not being honest on what you record on your food diary, your family doctor might not be able to fully help you find a means to provide you with an eating program that would be effective for you.


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