How to Start a Weight Loss Support Group

We turn to each other for help in dire times. Money groups have been very helpful to those people hiding from credit card companies. Many people have also recognized the therapeutic benefits of book clubs. When it comes to having a healthy lifestyle and shedding unwanted pounds, why do many of us turn to strangers for help or join groups that require membership fees?

Why don’t you form your own group, one that’s free and composed of people you already know? Here are some tips on putting together your own weight loss support group, as advised by the Toronto-based dietitian Stacey Segal:

Selecting the members of the group

Look for potential group members. The first thing to consider is to surround yourself with close friends and family members who share with you the same daily routines or the same desire to embark on a healthy lifestyle. Either that, or get members that live near your area of residence. Segal suggests forming a small weight loss support group since it would be much easier to keep in close contact with them. A small group makes scheduling a lot easier.

Creating a structure

Create a structure and delve into the basics. Determine the goals of the group and how each member will carry out such goals. The purpose of establishing the structure of the group is for all members to work on their weight loss objectives vis-a-vis their personal and professional goals. Meeting every two weeks is ideal. According to Segal, "This gives each person enough time to work on their goals in between meetings and discover what obstacles they encounter."

Getting advice from the experts

Get a diet and fitness expert who can educate the group about the proper way of managing your weight. "It’s imperative to understand how your food choices will impact your progress," says Segal. Calling in an authoritative person who can speak about weight management is also great for motivating the group in pursuing your diet plans.

Supporting each other

A support group loses its purpose if members do not openly share the challenges they face with each other. "Brainstorm about how you can overcome those challenges," suggests Segal. After all, keeping each other motivated is a key for a successful weight loss support group. The support group should not only be limited to sharing challenges. You should also celebrate each other’s victories, no matter how small.

Managing your weight is not always an easy task. That is why a support group is there. It is meant for all members to share a common goal: living a healthy lifestyle that will result in healthy weight loss. Never lose sight of this goal. Or else the objectives of the support group will go to waste.

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