How to Beat Summer Weight Gain

pretty womanSummer is the time when everybody wishes they are slimmer so they can fit in their swimsuits and look good on the beach.

Summer is actually the perfect time to lose weight. Long, sunny days mean plenty of time outdoors doing various fun physical activities. You will surely lose weight this summer. Of course, if you would rather lounge by the pool eating barbecues, then go ahead. Don’t be surprised though, if the flabs start showing up.

If you want to be flab-free this summer, here are a few tips to get that healthy summer bod:

Set a goal

Having a goal keeps you from being permanent fixture on your couch. Even if it is something as simple as earning a few bucks by getting a summer job or learning a new skill, you can avoid the pounds from piling up. Don’t forget to have fun though. It’s summer after all.

Make a schedule

It easy to lose track of time during the summer because there is no schedule to follow, unlike in school. The tendency to oversleep, watch too much TV and snack more than you normally would is great. Create a schedule for yourself this summer to eliminate these tendencies. Plan your daily activities like exercising and even your meals at specific times. Limit TV and gadget time to 2 hours per day. Offer to help out with house chores when you got nothing to do.

Keep yourself busy

When you are bored, it’s easy to just lie around the house, watch TV and eat all day – just to have something to do. But if you keep yourself busy, you will not only keep weight gain at bay, you will also feel a sense of accomplishment. A good idea is to take a summer job and earn money that you can use to by something you’ve always wanted.

Avoid the sun

The blistering summer heat can be unbearable, but don’t let that stop you from doing your activities. You can workout indoors, or play indoor sports like bowling, table tennis, indoor soccer, etc. You can also reschedule your games to early morning or evening.

Mind what you eat

Summer is the time for get-togethers and family reunions, which means there will be plenty of food to fill you up. Avoid overloading your food and going back for seconds. Eat slowly so your mind can catch up and realize that you are full. Avoid high-sugar, high-fat desserts. Reach for fruits instead. Limit your intake of frozen sweets like ice cream to once a week at most. Lastly, focus on your family and friends, not on the food.


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