Hidden Reasons of Weight Gain

Gaining weight may be something that people try to avoid. Although it may not be entirely bad especially if you are underweight, it is gaining excess weight that people have to look out for. One way of preventing unwanted weight gain is to know the many reasons why people do. While there are the usual suspects that many people know, there are also hidden culprits that can also be behind one’s weight gain. Here are just some of them.

Water Retention

Some weight gain may not be a result of fats added into your body. There are times when the body retains a considerable amount of water that it can add into your overall weight. Certain conditions can bring about added water retention. The menstrual cycle in women can sometimes cause their bodies to retain more water than normal, adding to their weight. Health conditions that affect the kidney and the heart may also be a cause of water retention as well.

Hormonal Changes

There are also a number of people who gain weight as a result of an overworked gland that produces an excess amount of certain hormones that can lead to weight gain. There are conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome in women that can contribute to gradual weight gain this way. In this condition, the ovaries and sometimes, the adrenal glands, put out a lot of the male hormones. This can result into weight gain, among many other things.

Prescription Medication

People may be unaware that there are medications that can contribute to weight gain. Taking these medicines on a regular basis to treat a condition can come with the unwanted result of piling up the pounds. Some examples of such medications include anti-depressants, anti-diabetic medication, steroids and even oral contraceptives.


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