Healthy Weight Loss Spa

A weight loss health spa maybe described as a cross between a resort spa and something out of "Biggest Loser" boot camp, though perhaps not as harsh as the reality show. With that said, your idea of a luxurious and indulgent vacation should be spent somewhere else. However, if you are looking for a place to start your weight loss management and still like the idea of being pampered, then this is the place for you.

Weigh-in and Body Analysis

On your first day at a weight loss health spa, you will be weighed in and your body will be analyzed. A spa staff may also take measurements of your body. This may make you feel a bit uncomfortable, but keep in mind that you are here for self-improvement. Also, remember, you are not the only one who will go through the weigh-in.

Other people are here because they have the same problem as you. At most weight-loss spa, the minimum length of stay is seven days. However, most weight loss health spas recommend twenty-one days. After your initial weigh-in, you will likely be weighed and analyzed again at the end of each week to be able to monitor your progress.


Instead of lazing around, basking in the sun, at weight loss spas, you will be working out to various exercise activities your chosen weigh loss health spa has to offer. You will likely have strength training sessions and intense cardiovascular aerobic workouts. Fitness trainers will be available to guide you through different physical activities.

Several weigh loss spas offer group activities such as oga classes, aerobic dance classes, kickboxing lessons, swimming and water workouts, and plenty of other activities. Some weight loss health spas even offer hiking trips, and cross country skiing in the winter.

Then, there are weight loss health spas that offer boot camp style programs – they have definite activities scheduled for the day, including when you’re supposed to wake up, have your meals, etc. These boot camp style regimens are designed to test your limits.

Motivation and Life Skill Lectures

Apart from physical activities, there will be motivational speakers who will discuss topics like overcoming weight loss problems, sticking to a healthy diet, changing to a healthy lifestyle. You will also be taught how to shop healthy and with weight loss in mind. There maybe speakers who have a lost large amounts of weight, former spa members, etc.

While for some people, motivational speakers and lectures are a waste of time, you have to have and open mind and try to absorb as much information as you can, as these can be very helpful in your quest to lose weight and be healthy.

Healthy Menus

Of course, aside from all the exercise and the group lectures, there will be healthy foods for you to feast on. Before you start thinking that weight loss health spa foods are like hospital foods packaged beautifully, you’re in for a surprise. Spa chefs will prepare scrumptious yet surprisingly healthy foods for each meal you consume throughout the day.

The goal is to make you see that delicious need not necessarily mean overloaded by fat, starchers, calories. Chefs make use of fresh flavors and herbs to enhance the flavor of each dish. Bonus, you may be taught some of the recipes so you can try them at home. Some spas offer specialty diet menus which include low-carb plans, raw food plans, and vegetarian plans.

Discipline and Pampering

Of course, weigh loss health spas don’t want you to feel deprived, so even though you go through some pretty intense physical workouts during the day, you can get some massages and other spa treatments at the end of it all.

Plus, some weight loss health spas offer beauty treatments because many people want to get beautfied when they star losing all their extra weight.


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