Does Exercise Really Make You Thinner?

It may be a shocker to hear that exercise may actually make you gain more weight rather than losing the excess poundage. However, there are some things you need to know about exercising and its key to keep the pounds off.

How exercise may make you fat

In reality, it is not exercising that would make you fat. Recent research suggests that the more intense your exercise routine, the more likely that you eat more. More so, women who work out regularly tend to eat more compare to men.

The reason may be purely psychological. Perhaps it is because we think that we can afford to splurge a little after we have completed our daily exercise routine, or because intensive exercise increases our natural appetite. If you think you eat more because of the latter, you still need to make healthy food choices.

How to keep on losing weight

No matter the reason, you need to remember the key rule in losing weight: Calories burned must exceed calories taken in. It is easy to get tempted to eat more, but you need to compensate it with more physical activities. In fact, a simple 30-minute brisk walk can burn around 200 calories. However, if you munched down 12 pieces of Ritz crackers after walking, then you can quickly canceling the 200 calories that you have lost.

Exercise is more than just about hitting the gym. You can perform a lot of physical activities for most days of the week. However, having this commitment of exercising does not give you the excuse to eat whatever you want. A healthy and balanced diet done with good eating habits should also go hand-in-hand with intensive exercise.


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