Devices To Keep Track Of Your Fitness Level

Trying to keep track of your weight is one of the ways in order to maintain better fitness. Aside from using the usual means to keep track of one’s weight, there are also other devices that can be used in order to monitor weight and fitness level. Here are three of them:

BodyMedia Fit Armband

The BodyMedia Fit Armband is a wearable armband that can be used in order to keep track of your fitness level. This device can help you track your calorie intake, number of steps, exercise times as well as food intake. This device can be used to program the number of pounds the wearer wants to lose. The BodyMedia Fit Armband will help users come up with goals that may help them hit their desired weight loss based on the user’s BMI, calorie intake and activity level. This device is also Bluetooth enabled and can connect to a smartphone using the BodyMedia app to make updates on the wearer’s fitness data. The BodyMedia Fit Armband is available for US$249 plus paying a monthly fee for the service it offers.

Nike+ Sportswatch GPS

The Nike+ Sportswatch GPS is a wristwatch designed for active runners. It provides wearers with a means to keep track of calories burned, run times, distance as well as the user’s location via its GPS feature. The watch also compiles the data and can show it in visual form either on the watch itself or from the user’s online Nike+ web page. This unique runner’s watch also has a special feature that allows users to know where other Nike+ runners are working out in the vicinity. This can help useres either work out with other fellow runners or also try to keep away from the crowd. The Nike+ Sportswatch GPS is available for US$200.

Jawbone Up Fitness Bracelet

The Up by Jawbone is a recently announced fitness device by the company known for its Bluetooth enabled devices. The Up bracelet is said to feature a means to keep track of movement, activity, nutrition as well as sleep patterns. The device also helps users determine how the calories they take up are being burned as well as where they are aren’t. The new Bluetooth bracelet is said to be used with a mobile app where users may be able to synch their data and keep track of it. The Up by Jawbone is expected to come out any time soon. Its price may be announced soon as well.


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