Common Body Metabolism Myths

shutterstock_145216948One way to maintain a weight loss regimen is by having good body metabolism. This will help keep the fat from going back in all the wrong places if it is paired with the right diet and exercise. But there are certain metabolism myths that may be going around many people might think is fact. Here are some of them.

Myth 1: Muscle turns to fat if you stop weight training.

This is a common myth that many people may hear around gyms. One thing to bear in mind is that muscles and fat are entirely different tissue types. One cannot transform into another. After you stop weight training for a certain period of time, your muscles may deteriorate, but they will not turn into fat.

Myth 2: Eating after 7 P.M. will slow down your metabolism.

It doesn’t matter when you consume your calories. Whether it is night or day, they are essentially bad if you have too much of them. It just so happens that when you feel tired at the end of the day and relax in front of the television, you tend to consume more of it.

Myth 3: Give yourself a sweet reward after accomplishing a workout.

This is not always true. It all depends on your work out and what type of sweet reward you plan to give yourself. If it is a healthy option that you plan to reward yourself to satisfy some of your sweet cravings, then it is all good. Having a fruit shake or a pint of yogurt will be a good enough reward after achieving a personal goal. But if you choose to give yourself a brownie or a healthy serving of ice cream, then you tend to lose out on the progress you just made. You might be better off rewarding yourself with other things aside from junk foods.

Myth 4: It is easier to lose weight if you do it slowly.

Slow and steady do not always work out that way. A study showed that obese women dropped more pounds if they do it on a shorter period. They are about five times faster in losing 10 percent of their body weight as compared to women who try to do it slow and steady.


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