Clothes Sizing for Normal Women

"Forget the sizes we use now. We are moving toward a new system which I hope will better reflect women’s real measurements." says the health minister Bernat Soria in the International Herald Tribune.

It seems like the days for very skinny models and designers using skinny models for ramp modeling will soon say gone are the days. In fact many health and fashion authorities these days are starting to opt for models with fit and healthy looking for their shows rather than the skin and bones type. Starting with Spain the health authorities already recommended a major change with regard to clothe sizing.

A research has been made by several scholars wherein it was fount that there are in fact three main body types for a woman namely cylinder with similar bust, waist and hips measurement. The diábolo or hourglass and the bell or pear shaped body. Researchers found out that the body actually change according to age from cylinder shape to hourglass shape which happens at ages around thirty to 60 and lastly to the bell shaped.

The proper clothe sizing these days are already pending with one’s body type. Yes. 36, 24, 36 are already considered classic and outdated basis for the idea and Versace renowned word SEXY. Measurements for such already depends on ones body type, fat, muscle and height measurement. In fact three British models have been ousted from the Cibeles fashion show in Spain for not passing the new standard measurement for modeling.


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