Surviving Food Temptations

A 9-5 job makes it harder for people to stick to their diets.

Avoiding the office vending machine is good. Going easy on the office cafeteria food offerings is also as smart move. But you don’t have to chain yourself to your cubicle with just veggie sticks to feed on. This will cause food boredom. And food boredom is what triggers you to start craving for other foods.

According to Hope Washaw, dietitian and author of "Eat Out, Eat Right" (Surrey Books, 2004), "Reality of the matter is ‘dieting’ is not an on/off proposition. It’s a long-term lifestyle change proposition. The longer that people think of this as temporary, the longer they will be frustrated by weight loss and regain."

Basically, people need to make "small and simple changes" lifestyle changes, especially with regards to food choices and portions. Washaw says that as long as people think it is temporary, "the longer they will be frustrated by weight loss and regain."

"If a person goes out to eat as part of their lifestyle, then to have long-term weight loss and control success, they need to figure out how to cope with restaurant meals," Warshaw says. "Perhaps they need to eat out less and bring lunch more, but all in all they shouldn’t avoid restaurants. It only leads to pent-up desire and anxiety."

Making Obsession Work For You

To make your diet work, Daniel S. Kirschenbaum, a behavioral sciences professor at Northwestern University Medical School and author of "The 9 Truths About Weight Loss", says you have to stay "totally focused."

According to Kirschenbaum, to start a weight-loss program, one should have the healthy obsession that athletes in training possess. "It’s all about focus, momentum and having everything fall into place at the right time."

Kirschenbaum says that the difficulties that people experience or have in their lives disrupt this model. Meaning it’s the little slip-ups that, if you do not keep track off, may lead to failure. "The problem is, one donut leads to a bag of chips at lunch and then a cheeseburger later in the day," he says. Kirschenbaum recommends writing down everything you eat. If you are concentrated on the food you eat, you can avoid slip-ups that stump weight loss. Writing down everything you eat can help you remember, say the donut you ate earlier in the day, and avoid eating another one later on.

Source: MSN Health

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