Lose Weight On a Liquid Diet

Consuming liquid instead of solid foods while on a diet has been a rampant practice today. In fact this type of diet is indeed giving positive effects towards the people undergoing it. In fact, this particular diet practice was noticed by the scientist of the Unilever Corporation.

The professionals from the said giant food company whose currently developing nutritious fluid food announced that if a food intake is increased using certain gases or water the result can make that person consume less calories and feel full for a long period of time.

After several test and research with regard to the liquid and full meal that has been done by the Unilever medical professionals, the results they found we’re very surprising. It was found out that indeed, a gas filled meat cuts back one’s appetite more effectively than that of standard meal. In fact one’s satiety can last from one to two hours or more.

The feeling of being hungry is the primary concern and struggle of people on a diet. This particular concern is exactly the main reason why many people fails on keeping up with their diet. Nonetheless, since liquid lunch has been proven very much effective by the Unilever scientists is it advised for anyone to start trying out a healthy liquid diet. There are several recipes available everywhere. Better yet, starve delving into power shakes consisting with fresh fruits and vegetables blended all up together.


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