Why Some Diets Fail?

diet failThere is no one-size-fits-all diet. What works for others may not be suitable for you, and vice versa. Also diet fads, quick-fix diet plans and pills are doomed to failure. Helpguide.com enumerates the reasons why:

You feel deprived

Diets that cut back or cut out your intake of a certain food group (fats, carbs, sugar) are impractical and unhealthy. The body gets nutrients fro different foods sources for a well-rounded diet. That is why eliminating certain foods or a specific food group creates imbalances in the body.

Hitting weight loss plateaus

You can not achieve healthy weight loss just by dieting alone. If you manage to lose a few pounds, you are almost certain to regain them.

This is because healthy weight loss needs to be accompanied by exercise. The body always adjusts to a new way of eating, which is why increased physical activity is the key to continue to burn calories and fats away.

You can’t seem to keep the pounds off

Diets drastically cut your calorie intake, limit certain foods, or rely on ready-made meals. But these methods work only on the short term. Once you reach your goal, the pounds come quickly back. This is because you diet plan did not teach you about lifelong maintenance.

You seem to gain weight more quickly after your diet

Another downside to restricting your food intake is that slows down your metabolism. This is another reason why fasting or starvation diets are counterproductive.

You slipped up and feel to discouraged to try again

Slip ups are normal. Just because you slipped up does not mean all you effort was wasted. Healthy weight loss and healthy diet does not prohibit an occasional splurge. Besides, you already know the negative effects of diets that are too restrictive. Restrictive diets also make you more prone to cheat.

Losing money

Programs, special meals, and special shakes are all cost-prohibitive and are not practical for long term weight loss and healthy weight maintenance.

You are unable to enjoy social situations around food

Without healthy diet strategies to guide you, you may feel lost when attending events or dining out. You ask yourself what do you if the food is not on your diet plan.

Believing in ads

The commercial says the person lost 30 pound in two months. You tried it. Two months later you are not 30 pounds lighter. Do not believe these diet ads. More often than not, they make superfluous claims to draw customers. Losing weight the healthy way is not easy. Ads that make it seem like look cinch is lying or exaggerating. Do not feel discouraged about this.

Source: helpguide.org


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