Weight Loss Lessons

It is normal to make mistakes, but what matters is whether you learn from them.  And with virtually infinite information on how to lose weight, there are bound to be false tips and promises that some people might fall for.  Here are some top weight loss lessons that people should know and learn.

Diets do not work

Restricting your eating habits to a certain food group does not do anything good to your body except making you feel hungrier.  The tip here is moderation.  You can eat almost anything you want, but as long as they are healthy and within recommended servings.

Eating less than your calorie range does not help either

Everybody has a recommended amount of calories they should consume, which depends on a person’s height and amount of physical activity.  However, logic does not hold true that eating lesser calories make you thinner faster.  Because you eat less, your body actually compensates by slowing down your metabolism.  This only leads to your body gaining even more pounds, which gets you frustrated in binging more food.

Weight loss does not happen in an instant

Many weight loss stories you see on infomercials and advertisements are either photoshopped, cheated, or-most likely-achieved after years of proper exercise and healthy eating.  You cannot lose 50 pounds in two months, even if you exercise everyday.  However, you can lose that same amount in about a year through a dedicated exercise program (not necessarily done daily).  Remember that with healthy living, your body needs time to get used with the changes.

Do not underestimate tracking your progress

The problem with many people when it comes to losing weight is that they do not track their progress from how long they have exercised to what they have eaten for lunch.  Checking what you have achieved for today could give you insights on the little mistakes that you may do, such as your unconscious eating sprees.

Get enough sleep

If you cannot get eight hours of sleep because of your work, try going for six hours of uninterrupted slumber.  Sleeping actually does wonders to your metabolism and even assists in helping you control your hunger pangs.  However, please be reminded not to sleep within two hours after eating.

Strength training helps

People are intimidated with strength training, especially women who do not want to look like an Amazon warrior.  In reality, training your muscles burns calories even more, gives your body a better overall tone, and also improves your posture and other activities such as running. 

There is nothing wrong with plateaus

Your weight loss has been a success for the first few weeks until you hit that plateau, when your body does not lose weight at all.  It does not mean that you are doing something wrong, or that is the limit of your weight loss, but rather a phase when your body is getting used to your new way of living.  You just need to continue your training, even exercising more often, to get past that obstacle.

Give your body a day of rest

Contrary to popular belief, daily exercise does not make you lose weight faster.  Personal trainers actually advise their clients to give their body a day or two of rest after an intensive workout in order to let their muscles and joints heal.


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