Weight Loss After Pregnancy

It is understandable that women would like to loose all that weight they gained during pregnancy. However, it should also be taken into consideration that loosing the weight cannot be done overnight. It will take sometime.

Gaining weight is but natural and the feeling to get rid of the baby weight is too. But, physicians and health practitioners do not recommend that moms try to loose the weight in one go. Only about 2lb are allowed to be lost every week. Loosing weight should be gradually.

The good news however is, you can still go back to your body before your pregnancy. Below are some tips on how to loose those extra weights:

Breastfeeding works two ways: Whenever you breastfeed your baby, you also lose the pregnancy weight. Breastfeeding will loose you about 200-500 calories per day.

Have time for Pelvic Floor Strengtheners: This will help strengthen the muscles at your thighs and help in closing the vagina.

Exercise does help: For vaginal birth, start exercising after 6 weeks whereas c-sections should start exercising after 8 weeks. Most recommended exercise would be yoga, walking and swimming.

Eat the right: Ask your doctor which diet you can take to help you lose weight without affecting your baby especially if still are breastfeeding.

New moms should not fret of their weight because you can lose it just have patience. Enjoy being a mom while losing pregnancy weights.


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