Weigh Loss Tips Worth Trying

shutterstock_149801357Many people find losing weight such a challenge. Looking for many different ways to do it can sometimes help a lot, if just to maintain progress. The variety helps keep the activity from getting boring for some people. For those people who have tried everything and are willing to try something more, here are some added weight loss secrets that may be worth trying.

Limit your food choices during meals.

One way to avoid eating too much is by limiting your food choices when you eat. A variety of dishes available on the table will make you try each one out, sometimes causing you to over eat. However, if you just have one choice of food to eat at every meal, you tend to eat less once you are satisfied. One reason is that you only get to experience only one taste during each meal.

Have low-calorie starters before each meal.

One way to limit food consumption is by eating low calorie appetizers before the big meal. Try eating an apple or nibble on a carrot while preparing or cooking food. Do this before every big meal you eat. This will help stave off hunger and will prevent you from craving for more food. By the time you eat the big meal, you will tend to eat less.

Use smaller dishes.

Using smaller dishes will give you that sense of eating a full and more satisfying meal then when you are using a bigger plate. A small plate will appear filled with food but with less servings. This will help you feel that you have eaten a lot with less on your plate. Appearances can be deceiving. This is how you can take advantage of it to lose weight.

Use a blue light bulb in your refrigerator.

Try to change the bulb in your refrigerator to one that emits blue light. Every time you open your ref, the blue light will make the contents look unappetizing. That is because we unconsciously associate blue with moldy food. This can sometimes change your perception about trying to get something to eat when you do not really need to. That may help you avoid those extra snacks that you usually have for no reason other than having nothing else to do.


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