Ways to Lose Weight without Starving

When we embark on a weight loss plan most of us consider dieting as the main strategy. In general, however, a sudden and drastic change of eating pattern just to lose those unwanted pounds and to achieve a to-die-for body doesn’t work for weight loss in the long run. This is specifically true if you’re a man and your weight loss plan causes you to become overly hungry. Here are some tips to lose weight without starving:

Sit down to snack

Sitting at a meal creates a feeling that you’re consuming more than you actually are, which may boost satiety levels. According to a 2006 Canadian study, people who sat down for lunch ate a third less at a later snack compared with people who had their midday meals while standing at a counter.

Lisa Dorfman, behavioral psychotherapist and sports nutritionist, said of the Zen of eating: “If you treat every dining experience with greater respect, you’ll be less likely to use your fork as a shovel.

Take your time

Don’t get too excited and stuff your mouth with a steak or barbecue or anything on your plate. Health psychologist Jeffrey Greeson said, “Pay close attention to those first three bites, which people usually wolf down due to excitement.” You’ll stay full longer if you take your time eating.

Greeson recommended mimicking a food critic before eating: “Examine the food’s texture, savor the flavors in your mouth, and then pay attention and feel the swallow. Psychologically, this form of meditative eating boosts satiety and promotes a sense of satisfaction for the entire meal.”

Sharing your food is a no-no

A recent study conducted by researchers at the State University of New York at Buffalo showed that men who ate with their buddies consumed 60% more calories than when they ate with a girlfriend or a spouse. This is because men tend to match their food consumption to that of their eating partners.

Of course, you don’t have to skip a night out with your buddy. Pick a reasonable entrĂ©e to eat, and skip such communal foods as nachos, pizza, bread, and wings.

Have fun once in a while

Hold back your cravings for pizza or burger for too long, and you’ll find yourself miserable. Worse, you might fall off your weight loss plan forever. It’s OK to give in to your cravings once in a while, just make sure that you splurge reasonably. Settle for two slices of pizza.

Don’t devour the whole thing. Make smarter choices when you decide to satisfy your cravings. Eating a reasonable amount of your meal at a fast food can reduce your daily calorie intake without the feeling of being overly hungry.


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