The Pistachio Principle of Weight Loss

pistachioThe Pistachio Principle is not how people seem to lose weight while eating pistachios. No, it is not merely the pistachios that helps some people lose weight but how the person’s mindset and focus when eating. This observation seems to show that people may be able to lose weight without trying to consciously restrict themselves from eating. A better explanation would give you an idea on how the Pistachio Principle might work.

Experiment One

Dr. James Painter, PhD, RD from Eastern Illinois University conducted an experiment that involved pistachios. Participants in the experiment were divided into two groups and then made to eat pistachios. They were made to choose between eating pistachios that they still need to shell or eat those that were already shelled for them. Results show that those who ate pistachios after removing the shells themselves ate 50 percent fewer calories than the other group.

Experiment Two

Another study involved both groups eating nuts with shells. One group has their shells being left on their table as they eat the nuts while the other group has their shells taken away as they eat it. The results showed that those who ate the nuts with the shells left on the table ate 35 percent fewer calories.

It is important to note that in both of the experiments, the participants were made to eat as much of the nuts as they want or until they already felt satisfied. The results were able to show that a person’s the mind may actually play a more important role in weight loss. It seems that the mind may also be able to convince the body that it is no longer hungry not just by how much was eaten but also by seeing the quantity as well as the time spent on eating.

What the study implies is that it may be possible for people to lose weight by focusing on changing the environment and behavior and not only by restricting calorie intake. It can be a means of trying to lose weight without trying to cut back on food. That is more or less a basic explanation behind the Pistachio Principle and how this different approach may provide a different insight on weight loss and how some people may be able to go about doing it.


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