Surprising Reasons For Weight Gain

While there are common reasons why some people gain weight, there are also other reasons that people are not aware of. That is why some may be puzzled over their weight gain. Here are some surprising reasons why you might possibly be gaining weight.

You are taking antidepressants.

There are certain medications that can cause weight gain. Taking in antidepressants is just one of them. People usually gain weight as they start feeling good about themselves within a few weeks after starting a treatment using antidepressants. This may result in better appetite and start eating more, which can result in weight gain.

You have an underactive thyroid.

Some of the hormones in your body can have an effect on weight gain. That is why having an underactive thyroid can apply into this scenario.  A lack of thyroid hormone can cause your metabolism to slow down. That is why it can be one reason why you may be gaining weight. Treating the thyroid problem can help reverse the weight gain to a certain degree.

Going through menopause

With certain hormonal changes resulting in weight gain, it is no longer therefore that surprising that menopause can also cause women to gain weight. For one, menopause can slow down metabolism, reducing the body’s capacity to burn up calories in the process. Menopause can also cause your body to start piling up fat in other areas of the body such as the face, neck, waist and others. That is why the weight gained may become more obvious for some people who have gone through menopause.



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