Mothers and Their Obsession Over Diet Pills

It’s pretty common for wives to constantly bombard their husbands with questions about their physical appearance. More particularly, about their weight. Questions like, "Do I look fat?" or "Have I been gaining weight?" are commonly heard from wives, especially those who are in their thirties and have kids. Do you know why?

Everybody feels a certain amount of societal pressure to look physically appealing. That is the status quo. But compared to men, the strain put on women is heavier because women are taught that beauty is a very important facet in a woman’s life. Add to that the fact that women are naturally vain and jealous of their fellow women.

With that fact comes the reality that women are fond of using diet pills. The pressure to look good does not exclude a woman who is happily married. With their busy lifestyle, mothers have no time to work out at the gym, or to jog along the park every morning. The perfect option for them is the diet pills.

Studies have shown that more and more mothers have been patronizing diet pills. The numbers continue to increase as time goes by and the societal pressure on women gets worse. Some husbands try to ease their wives out of their strong resolve to stick to diet pills by offering them with a strong sense of security. Some wives embraced this strategy but somehow, the facts and figures on mothers who continue to patronize diet pills continue to escalate.

While we have no objection to a mother’s right to maintain her "pre-family life figure", it is important to note that diet pills may cause the following hazards:

  • nervousness

  • tremor

  • diarrhea

  • bulging eyes

  • racing heartbeat

  • elevated blood pressure

  • heart failure

  • chest pain

  • depression

  • impotence


It is easy to understand women’s preoccupation with their physical attributes, but that doesn’t mean they should be allowed to go overboard. Beauty may be of significance, but health, wellness, and safety matters more.

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