Mindful Eating tips for Healthy Weight Loss

For weight loss to be successful and healthy, there are other things that can help besides eating right and exercising regularly.

One of these is eating mindfully while you eat. Mindful eating gives your body time to realize that it’s full and thus you tend to eat less. That said, below are some mindful eating tips for a healthy weight loss, as recommended by helpguide.com:

Pay attention to what you are eating

Be aware of your surroundings. Eat slowly and chew each bite properly. Enjoy each bite, and relish the tastes and smells of your food. If you get distracted, remind yourself to refocus on your food and how it tastes.

Avoid distractions while eating

Avoid doing other activities such as watching TV, reading, working, or using a computer, or driving while you eat

Chew your food thoroughly

According to helpguide.com, you should try to chew each bite of food at least 30 times before swallowing.

Stop eating before you are full

Though you’ve been taught to "clean your plate," resist the urge to do this. Cleaning your plate won’t help the starving children of the world. To avoid this, get small amounts of food.

Serve yourself smaller portions of food

Use small plates, bowls, etc. to make your portions appear larger. If you can, leave the table as soon as you are done to avoid. You will be tempted to eat more the longer you sit at the table. If you get hungry later on, have a small healthy snack.

Plan your meals ahead of time

Planning healthy meals and snacks in advance will make you more likely to eat moderately. You can buy or make your own small portion snacks in small bags or containers. Eat only when you are really hungry.

Source: Helpguide.com


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