Hydrate to Lose Weight

drinking water75 percent of the human body is made up of water. You can easily see that water is important to maintain good health. But that is not the only benefit of water.

Drinking water can also assist in weight loss.

First, drinking water before and during a meal can make you feel full sooner, thus you’ll stop eating more.

Water can also mixed with low calorie concentrates such as teas or juices can help put off feelings of hunger in between meals.

Lastly, drinking water can help you feel better while losing weight. As your body burns old fat deposits, it can encounter contaminants stored within these fats. These contaminants can cause flu-like symptoms. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will flush out these contaminants and help you avoid having these flu-like symptoms.

Water retention

Water retention works exactly the opposite of what we’d expect water retention to work. Some of that extra weight may just be water weight. Water is so important for out body that it stores extra water if we do not supply the right amount of it regularly. By drinking of plenty of water, our body will think that it does not need to store extra water to survive, and let go of the extra water stored in our cells.

Kidney and live function

Our kidneys need plenty of water to function properly. If do not supply them with enough water, our kidneys will turn to the liver for help. Since the liver can metabolize fat into energy, ever second the liver spends helping the kidney out is a second spent not burning fat.

For dieters, because we are trying to burn extra fat and not just those supplied in our daily diet, we create an extra water deficit. We need water for our bodies to do its normal function of processing waste from our bodies. Thus, we need plenty more water for our bodies to process the stored fats and wastes that come from it.

Source: diet-health-fitness-tips.com


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