How to Lose Fat with Yoga?

yogaYoga has been a form of meditation, medication and loosing weight exercise for many people for thousands of years now. It has proven itself historically wise as a very healthy regimen for one to do to keep themselves very fit and healthy.

For starters there are many different types of yoga positions to chose from that may give you the room for advancement and assessing your own skill. If you are currently unsure where to start you might want to check the following yoga positions or asanas.

Pavan Muktasan

To be able to perform this particular exercise one must need to first lie on their backs. Be sure to use a yoga towel or better yet a yoga mat so to cushion your spine. Bend both knees to your chest and make sure that your thighs are touching your stomach as you hold your knees in place with your hands. While on this position, lift your head up until your nose reach and meets your knees. Take a deep breath while holding the said position for thirty seconds and then release it. One may also opt to do this one at a time.


Lie on your stomach in your yoga mat first Place both of your hands your back at the bottom of your spine. Through using the back muscle of your body slowly raise your upper torso off the ground until your head is on an upright position. Hold this position for thirty seconds. Be reminded that although it is the back muscle that is performing in this particular exercise this particular stunt is meant to reduce the belly fat.

The Bow

This specific exercise stunt requires similar starting position with the Bhujangasan stunt but instead of merely lifting your upper torso you also need to curl your legs upward. Knees needs to bend together until you feel are near your head. When you are already in this position, hold your ankles with your hands pushing your legs with your stomach touching the floor. After making a circle with your body kindly hold the said position for thirty seconds before slowly releasing from the said position.


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