Boost Your Metabolism To Lose Weight

shutterstock_177865829People wish to lose weight but sometimes find it difficult to shed the pounds no matter how they diet. There is more to losing weight than just a strict dieting regimen. It is also important to boost your body’s metabolism. This helps determine whether the body can burn calories more.

A sluggish metabolism can reduce the body’s ability to burn off the calories it takes in. What calories may remain are converted in fat and stored in the body. It is possible to improve your body metabolism. Here are some of the ways.

Avoid crash diets.

Some people, in order to shed pounds in a short time, try to crash diet. However, this method can also have an effect on your body metabolism. When you fast or skip meals as part of a crash diet, it causes your body to go into starvation mode. This can slow down your metabolism rate and reduce they way your body burns its calories.

Avoid drinking too much alcohol.

While drinking a glass of wine a day will not affect your weight, drinking too much can. Too much alcohol can also have an effect on your metabolism, especially if you engage in heavy drinking now and then. There is a link between too much alcohol and abdominal fat. When you drink too much alcohol the liver tries to detoxify the alcohol you take in. The body will prioritize alcohol detoxification over metabolizing fat. This leads to fat being stored instead of burned.

Mind your sugar intake.

Sugar has become a main factor in the growing problem of obesity. Processed foods can contain too much sugar and simple carbohydrates that can wreck havoc to your metabolism. As people gain weight, their bodies start to lose sensitivity to insulin. This prevents the glucose from entering into the cells to provide fuel. In the process, the body stops using simple carbohydrates and sugar for energy and stores them as fat instead. Try to limit your sugar intake to around 6 to 8 teaspoons a day or just around 100 calories. But be careful in eating processed foods since it may not always indicate the sugar it contains. Some manufacturers have been using different words for sugar to somehow hide the fact that a product contains too much of the substance.

Lift weights.

Weight training is a good way to boost your metabolism. It helps build up more muscle that can burn more calories. This is especially essential for people in their late 30’s and well into their 40’s it is during this age that the body may start to lose some lean muscle mass. Lifting weights two times a week or more can help build up muscle mass and ensure that your body metabolism improves.



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