Best Diet For Your Body

With all the available diets (fads or not) out there, you’re bound to find one that works for you.

Take for instance Rip Esselstyn, a firefighter from Texas who came up with a diet plan and exercise program that showed good results for him.

Engine 2 Diet

Esselstyn calls his diet plant Engine 2 Diet. All of his suggestions, recipes, list of allowed (and prohibited) foods and firefighter-inspired exercises can now be read in his Engine 2 Diet book.

Engine 2 diet is pretty much a vegetarian diet. More accurately, it’s a plant-based, elimination diet where, in the course of 28 days, you cut out processed foods, meat, excess oil and dairy from your diet, and make room for lots of veggies, fruits, whole grains, soy products as well as nuts and seeds for protein.

While you’re still in the process of cutting out restricted foods, you can still go for fish and chicken. Eating ‘minimally’ processed foods is also allowed, such as veggie burgers, tofu and soy yogurt. You can also have whole grain crackers and whole grain pasta.

Most of the foods in the Engine 2 Diet plan can be found only in natural foods stores. The recipes in the Engine 2 Diet book contain less than 2.5 g of fat per 100 calories, and includes no added oils. The recipes are also low in salt, as the the diet recommend using salt substitutes. Plus cutting out processed foods eliminates all the extra foods in packaged foods. Esselstyn also recommends using natural sweeteners to cut back on your refined sugar intake. A plus for this diet is that is has no caloric limit – meaning you can eat as many fruits, veggies and whole grains as you like.

A lot nutrition experts commend and recommend Engine 2 Diet. "This book makes healthful eating and exercise fun and doable," says Joel Fuhrman, M.D., author, Eat for Health and Eat to Live

And though some express a bit of concern about not getting enough of certain nutrients such as protein, calcium, iron and B vitamins from a plant-based diet, the book offers recipes that include (alternative) food sources of these nutrients. Thus eating a well-balanced plant-based diet which contains foods sources of important nutrients is actually a big improvement, nutrition-wise, over what most of us eat.

As for weight-loss, it’s certainly possible (if not certain) with the Engine to Diet plan. From a practical standpoint, the fact that it’s a plant-based diet means you get less calories (despite being able to eat as much as you want). Plus, the fact that plant-based foods are generally high in fiber means you’ll feel full on less calories and for a longer period of time. And also, since the diet prohibits eating processed foods, there’s no room for extra calories, unhealthy fats, etc. Finally, there’s the firefighter-inspired exercise moves, which I’m pretty sure, is not walk in the park. All in all, Engine 2 Diet seem like a fairly sound diet plan.

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