5 Common Mistakes Dieters Make

We all hit a weight-loss plateau. But that doesn’t mean you must drop everything and give up. When stuck in a weigh loss rut, you probably made a tiny diet mistake. Fortunately there’s a way for you to fix them, thanks to health.com’s celebrity natural-foods chef Bethenny Frankel.

Eating habits during a special occasion

Special occasions do not come very often. As thus, it’s okay to indulge when they finally arrive. Unfortunately, if dieters know that they’re going to be indulging later in the day, their tendency is to skip meals or eat a lot less than they normally do. When they get to the celebration, the tendency to overeat is great. The key is to avoid starving yourself when planning to splurge on a special occasion.

Sticking to salad

Eating lots of vegetables is good for you. They are nutritious and are a lot less likely to make you gain weight. But, that doesn’t mean you have to eat salad 3x a day. For one, you’ll be missing out o a lot of important nutrients if you eat nothing but veggies (especially if you do not know about nutrient source alternatives). For another, there are a lot of what Frankel calls hidden"calorie traps" in salads. Candied nuts, goat cheese, and crispy chicken are some of them. Dressings are also another calorie trap. If you’re really a fan of greens, skip the add-ins.


The weight loss equation is simple: exercise > consumption. This doesn’t mean however that you have to kill yourself over exercise. Some dieters hit the treadmill without eating and wind up starving. The trick is to eat moderately, mind your portions and exercise consistently.

Thinking all days are the same

There are days when your 3 balanced meals are enough to keep you feeling full throughout the day. Then there are days when you’re already starving shortly after your afternoon snack. Some dieters would tell themselves to ignore their hunger pangs and not eat until dinner. But the thing is, everyday is different. You might be more active, tired, hormonal or just hungrier on some days. Frankel advises dieters to listen to your bodies. If you’re hungry, have a small snack. She also recommends knowing the difference between hunger and craving, and to act on the former.

Eating too few calories

The fifth most common mistake dieter’s make is consuming too few calories. Some dieters set unrealistic calorie goals that when they fail to achieve them, they end up emotionally defeated. Everybody is different, says Frankel, so we shouldn’t concentrate on the numbers. Instead, focus on keeping your portions reasonable.

Source: health.com


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